WEB/WAS monitoring

OPENMARU Cloud APM optimized for open source WEB/WAS

OPENMARU Cloud APM monitors the inside of the web/was in real time, analyzes whether the service is provided to users without failure in terms of “availability” and “performance” and provides data. Supports monitoring of applications running as Java Daemons of various web application servers (WAS). It is an integrated performance management tool that comes with provisioning functions for installation/configuration/tuning of major open source web servers or WAS as well as monitoring functions for web servers or WAS.

List of WAS that can be monitored

Provides real-time system resource monitoring and real-time load / service monitoring function

Provides dashboard and various monitoring information to check real-time load and service status

실시간 시스템 자원 모니터링 및 실시간 부하량 / 서비스 모니터링 기능 제공

Provides failure diagnosis/performance degradation bottleneck cause analysis function

Shows service delays in time and monitors the cause of transaction response support

장애 진단/성능 저하 병목 원인 분석 기능 제공

Provides a function of distribution of response time for all transactions

  • See real-time response times and call counts for all transactions
  • AProvides real-time response time and number of calls for all transactions
전 거래 응답 시간 분포도 기능 제공

Provides detailed profiling of individual transactions

  • Transactions are analyzed in WAS itself and detailed profiling is not possible
  • Detailed profiling of individual transactions for easy visual analysis
개별 트랜잭션 상세 프로파일링 기능 제공

Provide a list of applications performing SQL

  • If you need to check the running application list and SQL, you cannot check it unless you activate it at the application log level.
  • A list of running applications and SQL history can be monitored
SQL을 수행중인 애플리케이션 목록 제공

Provides application failure detection and analysis function

  • Detect application failures and anomalies through warning alarm messages
  • Provides various analysis tools to analyze the causes of failure
애플리케이션 장애 감지 및 분석 기능 제공

Provides real-time throughput (TPS) monitoring function

  • Provides real-time business throughput (TPS) monitoring function
  • Provides RAW data in real-time and 5-second units for the past 3 months by instance and instance group
실시간 업무 처리량(TPS) 모니터링 기능 제공

Provides JVM thread status monitoring function

  • When a dead lock occurs between threads at the JVM level, the JVM may hang or the server itself may go down.
  • Provides accurate data on the current thread state in figures and graphs and provides basic data for tuning
JVM 스레드 상태 모니터링 기능 제공

The status check function through the internal settings of Apache and Nginx can only check one-time data, so it is difficult to respond accurately in case of failure. Openmaru Cloud APM monitors the number of processing per second, traffic transmission per second, and worker thread status of the web server, and displays the dashboard for the web servers on the screen to solve the problem by identifying the exact cause in case of failure.

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