URL monitoring

Perfect website health check x Openmaru Cloud APM

It is a diagnostic function that executes certain rules with pre-determined answers to determine the presence or absence of failures and separates failure units if necessary. You can monitor immediately by entering the URL.

Features of website health check monitoring

error tracking

Provide error occurrence history and provide transaction link to error status

Error recovery command execution function

Command/script execution function through agent in case of failure

User notification function

Notifications to users and groups – Email, SMS, Slack

quick and easy setup

Intuitive and easy setup
Composite configuration of multiple check services

Use of health check function

Periodic life and death check

Check specific feature/page status

Check user spectator service status

Perform complex checks and notify users of errors

Check average response time trend

Batch inspection of multiple pages after redistribution

Check service status by infrastructure section

Periodically monitoring process/file/resource usage, etc. using scripts

with cloud native
Optimized for hybrid environments