Application monitoring

Complete application monitoring with Openmaru Cloud APM

Openmaru Cloud APM monitors the performance and health of business applications in real time.
Real-time monitoring for implementation, maintenance, and improvement of optimized performance of Java-based applications introduced and operated in the enterprise. You can check information such as the number of concurrent users, number of transactions per second, CPU load rate, average response time, number of connections used, and query response time during failure time. Deploy an agent on the application server to monitor the response time of page requests and the database response time for queries to enable “detection of service failure”, “reduction of the specific time cause of failure”, and “identification of the cause of service load”.
Moreover, it is software that provides necessary functions in terms of stability/performance/security/technical support, which are concerns when introducing open software. As online businesses grow, more accurate and appropriate verification of how applications actually work is required to provide the best service to site visiting customers. Although it was already operating with monitoring tools such as SMS that provided statistical information on the utilization of key IT infrastructure such as CPU and memory, there was no information provided from the user and application perspectives.

Integrated performance management tool

It is an integrated performance management tool that comes with provisioning functions for installation/configuration/tuning of major open source web servers or WAS as well as monitoring functions for web servers or WAS.

monitoring service

We provide differentiated monitoring services to stably provide services to customers by establishing a continuous performance management system through application performance monitoring and failure response strategies that are being serviced so that the system can be operated stably.

WAS performance management solution

It is an Application Performance Management (APM) solution that supports stable system operation by monitoring application performance in real time.

Open source specialized products

As a product specialized for open source software (OSS), it is an integrated performance management product that provides installation/configuration/tuning/monitoring for Apache web server/Tomcat/JBoss products.

Failure Diagnosis/Performance Deterioration Bottleneck Cause Analysis Function

  • Provides a tool that visually shows service delays and analyzes the causes of transaction delays
  • Thread dump integrated monitoring provided
  • Provide thread dump and monitoring information mapping function (url, duration, cpu time, etc.)

All transaction response time distribution chart function

  • Provides response time and number of calls for all transactions

Individual transaction detailed profiling function

  • Detailed profiling of individual transactions provides an environment for easy visual analysis

Provide application/SQL query tuning target information

  • It is possible to check slow sections and problematic methods by expressing transactions in detail without setting up logging for the application.

Active thread monitoring

  • List of running applications and SQL history can be monitored
액티브 스레드 모니터링

Application failure detection and analysis function

  • Pre-detection of signs of failure through machine learning function that analyzes the trend of increase and decrease in data
애플리케이션 장애 감지 및 분석 기능

Integrated monitoring function for each task

  • Provide integrated or separated monitoring function for applications and systems by task
업무별 통합모니터링 기능
with cloud native
Optimized for hybrid environments